Bears go to war over taking a knee as anti BLM banner shames Ibrox

Yesterday the ICF produced a banner complaining about players kneeling to show solidarity with the victims of racism, today after the message landed in The Sun there have been two very conflicting ways of taking the message by Rangers fans including one who thinks it may be a set up.

That they talk about kneeling to their Queen but don’t pay her taxes is a crying shame, we wouldn’t have all had to go through Armageddon had they any real affection for her.

Regardless if the ICF can be classed as an Ultra’s group or not is open to semantics, but what is undoubted is that they are Sevco fans, that they are unfurling banners like this whilst at the same time Rangers Fans For Change are complaining that UEFA are not strict enough on racists is laughable.

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