Sevco fans mental SPFL “Celtic loaded” conspiracy as he begs for Derby postponement

“The big Celtic connection” I have heard some guff in my life but Jimmy takes the biscuit.

Listen to the conspiracy theories below, the fact that they are not being given preferential treatment after over a year of graces has shaken their very foundations.

Expect more pain in the coming weeks, whilst they should walk through their Scottish Cup tie and have some winnable games before the derby, Celtic are breathing down their necks and we can cut their lead to a point with a win in Paradise.

After that the Newco has the Edinburgh clubs to deal with, if you are listening to Jimmy, he has the fear.

They know they haven’t got the depth and that the players they have are going to be found out next time they go against any club they have already played.

The banter years are back, all we need to do to confirm them is to beat them at Paradise, should the £40 million they expect to bank go missing as it did when Malmo came to town, expect far greater issues than a hasty share issue late on a Friday can fix.

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