Alex Rae: “conned the ref, throwing yourself to the floor, lack of class” astounding allegations against Scott Brown

Alex Rae has taken Scott Brown to task nearly a week after Aberdeen took 2 points off Sevco, the former Celtic captain again showing that he is living rent free in the peoples heads.

As reported by the Daily Record:

“You know what you get with Scott Brown.

“You build up a reputation of someone who wants to put yourself about a bit.

“But when you start throwing yourself to the floor, well that’s not really for me.

“That’s not decrying the boy’s success, because he’s one of the most decorated players in Scottish football.

“But when you see someone who’s supposed to be a captain mocking a fellow pro after they’ve been sent off having conned the ref, I think it shows a little bit of a lack of class.”

Check the replies on this thread they are hilarious.

Broony for starters didn’t throw himself to the ground he was clipped, as for mocking him we didn’t hear anything about when Morelos gave him a send off last season.

Pointing away is far less of an issue than throwing a punch either, something Kent famously did at Broony.

The facts are that People like Rae can’t deal with any set backs for Sevco, as soon as 2 points have been dropped it was as if a bomb has gone off such has the coverage been of it and the performance of Kevin Clancy.

Should Celtic win on February 2, expect complete and total meltdown from the self entitled fans who have again begun to believe their own triumphalist hubris and cannot stand anything which detracts from it.

Touch of class by Alex, never forget.

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