There is always a tweet: “Both Ryan Kent & Borna Barasic are set to reject Aston Villa & Steven Gerrard to stay at Rangers”

Well this tweet aged well, seeing that Barasic is desperate for an incoming £30 million or the like after Sevco kicked out the £2 million offered at the start of the window.

No one has yet come in for Ryan ‘Clark’ Kent, the £7 million marvel from Liverpool, themselves still giggling as they await the last instalments to filter through.

At the start of the year Sevco beat Real Madrid in a friendly and there was talk that Real wanted him, it started out as jokes by the Spaniards but such talk goes straight to the heads of silly billies.

Now with less than 12 hours left in the transfer window the clamour of suitors hasn’t arrived yet again, funnily enough Slippy hasn’t called either.

There used to be warnings of Slippy plundering Sevco’s stocks, now it is more a come and get them, bring money, loads of it…. oh and do you want to take Barker, Simpson and you got any players you want loaned out?

The clock is ticking, don’t go to sleep before midnight, there is going to be late drama somewhere.

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