The Sun chops off 6 Celtic trophies in article of Tories “150 year second most successful club in football” pantomime

The garbage you read in The Sun, I saw that the Tories are actually congratulating Rangers on their 150th birthday… in dog years, after their actual inception in 2012.

Murdo Fraser actually called them the second most successful club in Football, something that is kind of true, the Oldco is the second most successful club in Football.

The Newco has 1 trophy and is literally below St. Johnstone domestically on last years efforts let alone through the history of Scots Fitba.

But what has spurred me to write here is something completely false, don’t think this is a typo either.

Celtic’s trophy haul includes 51 premierships, 40 Scottish cups, 20 league Cups and the jewel in the crown, the 1967 European cup.

That is 112 titles, below is from Wikipedia, so how did they come to chop 6 titles off?

We won 3 during WWI something that The Newco fans want chopped off as before there was mass bombing of cities by the Luftwaffe as categorised the Blitz, football wasn’t cancelled and teams didn’t hide in shipyards.

1914 to 1919 (The 1919 season began in 1918 obviously) and the Scottish cup in 1914 are within the period, they have been chopped off by The Sun that simply must print a retraction.

WWI however officially began on July 28th after we won the 1913-14 season and the 1914 final was played on the 16th of April and won 4-1 by Celtic over Hibs, so the 1914 league and the Cup are lazy journalism but what other trophy are they chopping off?

Dear me it could be the big one could it?

As printed today:

Scottish Tory leader Murdo Fraser wrote: “Delighted to add my name to this motion ⁦@ScotParl⁩ from my ⁦@ScotTories⁩ colleague ⁦@Sandeshgulhane⁩ celebrating 150 years of the world’s 2nd most successful football club ⁦@RangersFC

The motion speaks of the second most successful club in world history, as the Gers have won 115 trophies, behind Al-Ahly’s 118.

Nacional and Penarol, both of Uruguay, are next in the running with 113 and 108 – and then come Celtic with 106.

Barcelona and Real Madrid are next on the list with 91 apiece with Benfica on 82.

The list should read:
Al Ahly 118
Oldco Rangers (Liquidated 2012) 114
Nacional 113
Celtic 112
Penarol 108

We suffer a lot of delusion and stupidity from the media, in particular The Sun, be it Kris Boyd calling for players to test a broken bone in a players face or casually having 6 titles chopped off and a few teams boosted above us.

It is surely time that Celtic follow Liverpool and Everton and ban The Sun from Paradise.

Boyd wrote his guff in The Sun, he dare not say it on Sky where he could be taken to task, this paper has no place at Celtic.

Please share this widely, if we suffer listening about 150th birthdays today, we will have to hear about us losing 6 titles tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “The Sun chops off 6 Celtic trophies in article of Tories “150 year second most successful club in football” pantomime

  1. I want to know WHY the newco is allowed to.maintain its delusion of 55 titles and 150 year history….but there’s a much more impending reason for finding out this.

    If the newco are trading on the trophies of the liquidated club….and selling merchandise from 55…..then surely the liquidators are entitled to lay claim to the monies earned from these sales……

    The same applies to 150 years celebration monies……

    If the club now operating out of ibrox claims its the same club its surely liable for the same clubs debts

    If they trade on the history of the old club, the liquidators should get the monies earned to pay the debts.

    If they are doing all of this without.proper authority they are commiting corporate fraud.

    Why is no one pursuing this avenue ??

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