Ewan Murray’s latest anti Celtic post alleges Dundee conspiracy

Is Ewan Murray saying that Celtic are about to get a free meal at Dens Park due to someone doing some cross training at our club and having a friend who got a job?

I find it incredible that in Mason Scotland where so much is contrived that he feels the need to shine light on someone getting employed with links to someone who had done some work at Celtic.

It is preposterous to think that we would spend so much time and effort in beating the Premiership strugglers.

Dundee have also drawn the Ibrox outfit in the Scottish Cup, was this ‘consultancy’ cooked up to get the best out of them to aid in our treble bid?

Only Ewan could say.

By saying that he had a wild dream he is actually speaking in the hypothetical, if he were just to come out and say what was in this wee dream Celtic’s lawyers would be serving him with a libel suit.

Fans were not impressed.

It will be interesting to see what his take is after the game.

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