Video: Celtic anthem sung with South Melbourne words at Ange’s old club

It must be said that Celtic and South Melbourne are getting closer and closer by the day, Ange Postecoglou’s old club where he was a champions as a player have picked up our anthem as their victory song.

I would say this is quite new for the club of Greek origin, some of the players seem not to know all the words and honestly Celtic’s famous anthem isn’t sung as widely as the South Pacific, well not until now.

We could do a lot worse than invite South Melbourne over for a preseason friendly, especially if we win the league and have the luxury of time off instead of the arduous qualifiers.

With the City group and Red Bull snapping up teams for fun, we could do far worse than pick up a cheeky stake in a club that describes itself in its bio as:

SMFC are actually banned from raising to the A-League due to the fact they are an ethnic team, same as Celtic are classed as an ethnic team due to our honouring our Irish roots.

This is a joke in fairness, but honestly regardless of Australia’s franchise desires of soulless clubs themselves monuments to modern football, if we were to have a friendly and charge 10 quid a ticket and fill Paradise, we would raise £600,000, well over $1 million Australian.

With that we could buy a stake in Australia’s most successful club and use it as an academy hoovering up the best young talent, helping SMFC win titles and providing a highway for the best talent to join the most successful club in Scotland.

Well… living one anyway.

We could do much worse, it isn’t like we would need to put anything into place, they have a winning culture, tradition and history itself unbroken, they own their own stadium, have fanatical support and should we invest we would have a partner more than a feeder club.

Just saying.

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