3 Tweets y’day which aged horribly: “The League is ours, Alfredo for £35 mil, I know for a fact we will still win the league”

Barry Thomson had some fun yesterday on twitter as he took his crayons out and scribbled everything red white and blue.

After Celtic’s poor display at Easter Road cost us 2 points and possibly even the initiative in the title race, this Bear was bullish as to his teams title credentials.

2-0 at Half Time and Real Madrid and Barcelona were again being readied for Morelos transfer bingo with a mere 15 months on his contract come tomorrow morning, £35 million was the number he chose.

Later of course there was the wrath and anger which comes when your team fails.

He has asked us to save this one so I have screenshot all 3 below.

These will not age well.

Jump on and add your own reply, the one about Alf has people asking if this account is run by Joe Black, he was himself 45 minutes away from reactivating his account.

In the coming weeks accounts like this are going to become all the more amusing.

On Alfredo’s plight, he will either sign a new contract or be available for any offer should Sevco fall out of the Champions League qualifiers.

Save that one.

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