120 mill euro for Alf and £35 mill for another Ibrox star, Ibrox site goes full Sevco

Ibrox Noise is a fantastic read, seriously I dare you to get through an entire article without a chuckle, the last couple of days have seen the Ibrox fanbase shine up their brass necks as they once again start to believe their own noise, that they are the worlds most successful football club.

Yesterday they came out with this gem:

It starts of alleging that the Record is run by Celtic fans trying to hock Alf on the cheap and moves on to the coefficient rise.

It didn’t take long.

I knew it wouldn’t be long before the DR would make Alfredo Morelos a bargain buy.

As anyone with a sliver of a brain would predict, they are now trying to price Morelos at 12 million rubles, and screaming to all the top leagues to come buy our best players…to do what?

To help Celtic? Are you stupid!

Yeh I’m talking to the anonymous chap who wrote this rubbish for the Daily Record.

By valuing Morelos, who is the third-highest goal scorer in Europa League history, at a price even a reserve player would be ashamed of, is to throw garbage on every single player in the Scottish league, Yes, including those who play for your beloved Celtic.

Thanks to Rangers, Scotland is now a top 10 league in Europe (9th, to be exact, if you can believe that). Next year we will be 8th, and if some other teams could get their act together there is no reason why we couldn’t rise further.

And being a top 10 league means every single team in Scotland is now entitled to demand the going international rate for top players. In other words, silly money.

Derek, possibly Joe Black, then goes on to say that his earlier pricing of Alf has been vindicated.

So, if we, as a nation, want the very best football to be played here, in Scotland, we need to get real, and we need to demand all our players (from all our teams) are valued properly.

That is why I placed a €120 million price tag on Morelos all those years ago. Aim high, and get a price that is reasonable, aim low and you get what you deserve.

And it is now time for the other teams in Scotland to start playing like top 10 European league teams, and beat some opponents for a change.

Then they might be able to raise Scotland’s game further, and bring in more money through TV rights and other commercial operations.

And more money, brings in jobs, and jobs make people happy.

Seems simple, right?

Seems purely and utterly deluded, Alfredo has a good record in the second tier in Europe and in the second biggest league on this island, he also plays for the second biggest team in Glasgow and has 1 medal in nearly 5 years to his name.

5 years which he has regularly tossed the toys out of the pram, has severe weight fluctuations and hasn’t bothered to learn a word of the language.

He has been called petulant even a man child due to his behaviour, has escaped countless yellow cards and taken many a red in particular in derbies whereby the advantage was given to Celtic and the league title lost.

Then came today’s pearls of wisdom with a mega money rating of Joe Aribo, a player who falls over and needs attentions when someone doesn’t clip him in a tackle.

Stunning UEFA development changes landscape for Rangers

Look at Belgium – sold David to Lille for £25M, Doku to Rennes for the same.

Russia – Hulk went to China for £50M, Malcom to Zenit for £36M, and Paredes to PSG for the same.

And Austria, Daka went to Leicester for £27M, while Mwepu hit Brighton for over £20M.

And our folk honestly try to hawk Morelos off for £12M?

It’s just dumbfounding that even fans of our own club think SPL players cannot go for £35M, as we suggested an in-form Joe Aribo was worth.

If Belgium, ranked way below the SPL, can do it, we can.

With Celtic in pole position for the £40 million in the Champions League, these valuations will need to be met to keep the lights on at Ibrox next season.

Unless of course they merely qualify against teams like Malmo for example.

Seems simple, right?

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