Joseph Black wades into Ibrox Civil war, all the clowns have now joined the Ibrox circus

Today we have seen Hollywood Houston “come out of retirement” to join the rump and go to battle with DUP man, at the same time Dave King has waded into the fracas in the hope of freeing Sevco from the Ange homecoming tour.

This tour which was protested by both sets of fans could yet be a masterstroke for Celtic, the Newco are tearing each other to pieces across the city.

State Aid Loon and fantasist Joseph Black MBE, has given us his tuppence worth, backing Dave King’s decision to go public on his private offer, of course it was to avoid a tadgh fest… I think we all understand the misspelling.

The facts are that the Newco fans are actually asking for a £6 million turn around, that is to say to bin £5 million in appearance fees and also to take on board a £1 million fine, absolute madness financially for a club which is a permanent going concern.

Expect this to bubble on, they need to win the league this year that much is clear, should they do that they can conceivably pull out, that won’t be decided for some time.

If this civil war trundles on until then expect the fall out to be substantial, the Onion Bears illegible tifo for the derby at Ibrox should be lots of fun to attempt to read.

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