“Walter knew” banner debate at “Neelydome” rages, should Celts give the people a dose of their own medicine?

We have been hearing more and more about the crimes of the Celtic Boys Club of late after a judge granted the victims leave to sue Celtic for damages, even though the crimes happened at the Boys Club.

The affiliation which the judge referenced had Celtic tracksuits and even column inches in the Celtic View means that Celtic are now in the dock over the Boys Clubs abuse of young players.

For mine, I actually believe the club should make an offer to the victims and put this to bed, should Celtic do that the fee to be paid to the victims is not a Prince Andrew style payout.

For example in that case, he was paying his way out of jail, all the offenders from the Celtic Boys Club are serving sentences, in the UK the compensation is much lower.

This is from a website called Legal Expert which offers victims of abuse legal advice and will take cases on a no pay out payment basis, you can click here to check their compensation calculator.

But it seems some Celts have had enough of this honking patter from those who need their hard drives checked and want to point out the obvious hypocrisy.

There are many on both sides on this idea, jump on this thread and add your own message.

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