Thread: Old Firm fans wishing for Slippy to come home is cringe meets giggle

I remember when Brendan left, I must say I was a wee bit gullible, I never thought he would trade immortality for mediocrity but I was wrong, since then however there has never been a Celt asking for him to return, that said across the way…

This thread is a belter, the funniest things are that Alfie west is actually comparing him to Walter Smith, himself a giant of the game with and without EBT’s.

Check the state of some of these replies.

Then Sir Walter Smith came into the argument, comparing the one trophy wonder to Walter is a joke.

I cannot see Gio surviving if he ends the season without a trophy, the next weeks are huge for him, Slippy will no doubt be given a full season next year or at least a window with which to put his stamp on the squad.

He may even pick up some Bosmans and underperforming players on the cheap, I know a club where he can find plenty.

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