Respected Celtic account brilliantly shuts down Old Firm fans Champions League patter

Celtic are in pole position to not only win the Premiership but also to automatically qualify for the Champions League and claim a bonanza in the region of £40 million.

Of course, Scotland are now in the top 10 and therefore able to claim an automatic place due to the coefficient, one that fell away when only Celtic was playing in Europe with Aberdeen, Hibernian, St. Johnstone and Hearts failing to make the group stages among others year after year.

Old Firm have since played better in Europe than they have domestically save last year when the fans were away.

This has built up their coefficient and in turn the national coefficient rapidly, but at the same time it has not gone over our own, those claiming we have been gifted a place by the Ibrox team are deluded.

There were quite a few fans ready to have a laugh at these hard facts.

The Timmy Banter years tried desperately to make it all about the People.

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