Suttons message for GVB and The Rangers

Well that was a see saw of a game, in fairness Braga showed plenty of spirit but little application, the second red card was absolute madness.

The first was an extremely harsh call, Roofe ran across the defender and initiated the contact falling like he was shot by a sniper and grabbing the football.

He made the referee make a decision and it went the Newco’s way, the game should have been done and dusted from there.

However Braga somehow stuck in the game with the woodwork rattled on several occasion including the miss of the season by Arfield in extra time.

Itself worse than the open goal that Roofe missed earlier in the game.

Still Chris Sutton showed he remains the bigger man and praised the Ibrox teams achievement, his old sparring partner on BT Stephen Craigan was in a Sevco cheerleaders uniform the entire match.

It is a pity that Sutton wasn’t there in the call, it would have been very entertaining to see him lock horns with the former Motherwell player.

Next up is Celtic vs Them at Hampden, both Roofe and Barasic looked knackered after their shifts today, it will be interesting what team GVB selects come Sunday.

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