Sevco blogger: “Don’t let Bobby Madden be the narrative.” as Celts slaughter pathetic referee

Well that was a poor performance let us be fair, but how Bassey wasn’t given 3 or 4 yellow cards I will never know, he needed to join those jumping around on the track at Hampden to get one after a day of wrestling with impunity from referee Bobby Madden.

Celtic were lethargic through the match and in truth we should have upped the tempo, that said the amount of fouls on Rogic in the first half was a scandal, that Bassey was allowed to wrestle him to the ground for a free kick only was a joke.

Celtic took the lead and would come to rue a miss by CCV, that said the goal that broke the deadlock was offside, for those who howl for VAR I am sure this will be lost on them quickly.

Even a Sevco blogger saw how bad the refereeing performance was.

The time for foreign referees officiating in our games is long overdue, if we had VAR, it wouldn’t matter either way, the decision would only go to them.

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