There’s always a tweet, Ibrox media partner rinsed for September delusion

A blue nose podcast which isn’t liked by the Daily Record as they aren’t charged £25,000 to ask questions with the answers already given to them have been caught out dreaming.

Sure Celtic had a rough start to the season, we were knocked out of the Champions League, lost 3 of our first 6 matches in the Premiership and looked like we would struggle all season.

Then Angeball kicked into play, we started stringing the wins together and then picked up the League Cup.

We were unlucky in Europe leading away in both Spain and Germany but falling short, regardless we earned 9 points, a record for a team not going through.

Some however were looking for a party venue for title number fifty siiiii, whoops I mean two.

26th of September and they called the league, no wonder they get that £25k discount.

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