“Europa League win tops European Cup” But what about Malmo? Celts slam Bear who has gone full Sevco

When you hear people going on about the European Cup victory in 1967 being tin pot, they have themselves marked not only themselves but their support as tin pot, diminishing an achievement you tried and failed to realise is pathetic.

It is therefore no surprise to see The Rangers fans revelling in such honking patter, their club broke every rule in the book to claim its tainted titles and all they have to show for it was the liquidation of the Oldco and pipe dreams called 56 or something.

By the standards of the 1967 competition, Sevco would have had their season finish against Malmo, as soon as they were beaten their season would have ended.

Let their be no conversation that this is equivalent to the Big Cup.

This hasn’t stopped them from trying to rewrite our history and skip forward to their own.

If I am being honest I think they will get past Leipzig, I hope whoever they meet humps them pink in Seville, then we will see if they get the FIFA fair play award.

Win or lose in Seville, the city will need boarded up when the horde descend upon it.

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