Michael Stewart sets off a row over praise for club “buying Intellectual property, Stadium and history out of admin”

Michael Stewart shared a happy memory of his times playing against Bury who were themselves shut down for not having enough money, something that would have seen the 2 horse Scottish race lose a horse, again, if the same rules were applied here.

Bury fans have rallied around and bought their club out of administration, something Sevco fans are desperately trying to say that they did as well.

Instead of praising the Bury fans they are tacking their own debt free in division 3 spin on events.

Unfortunately for them Celtic fans are on hand to remind them that they actually died a long time ago and in scandalous manner screwing 276 creditors without a second thought and begging to get into the Scottish premiership who voted them down on the cry of “Say No to the Newco”.

Jump on this thread below, there are some replies under the main post showing the re writing hand of the Newco fan base.

This kicked off a storm, jump on this thread it is a mixture of giggles and delusion.

For the avoidance of doubt, they died.

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