Rylan trolls Gers as Celtic are on the brink

Internet sensation Rylan who finds himself popping up in banners at Champions league semi finals for whatever reason has waded into the patter.

Celtic today won convincingly against Hearts with a few dodgy calls in both directions as we could of had a goal given to Jota and also were lucky with 2 calls late for offside.

If you are listening to Boyd and Nielson our equaliser shouldn’t have stood but if Robertson was to all the fouls that preceded it then it is only fair that a robust challenge be waved on, goodness know there were a dozen challenges less worthy of free kicks waved on before.

That said the Cinch Premiers are on the brink, that is to say the clubs that actually allow Cinch signage at their games.

Rylan didn’t miss a beat and set off a storm on twitter.

Jump on this thread and enjoy the laughs and add your won reply.

Oh, while we are hear, remember the SMSM called the league over in October.

Let that settle in.

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