Celt’s viral post hits back at the Shame’s delusion: “It doesn’t count because Liverpool are in the Champions League final.”

Those of you on Twitter will no @celticforever9 or Free Rogic well, it is a viral account which is always among the patter and never afraid to take on the special ones.

The patter that our Premiership victory (impending) is somehow diminished by the results of another club in another competition is ridiculous.

I can take it over the Scottish Cup as we were defeated head to head, but we never met the Newco in Europe so it is pathetic to compare our achievements and theirs.

If I am honest, I am jealous of their cup run but I am so proud of our league record.

We didn’t expect anything this season and instead we are in a place whereby we have a real chance of building the playing squad further, having a meaningful rest instead of these ridiculous qualifiers in July and set out our own shop come the start of the season.

One whereby the league will be as always, the priority.

If you are on Twitter, follow Free Rogic, one of the best accounts on the app.

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