Celts react to shocking sectarian attack on priest’s kin

Popular priest and Celtic fan Father Anthony has shared a horrible story of a brazen sectarian attack by 5 youths upon a young member of his family after asking him if he was Roman Catholic.

This sort of nonsense is from the stone age and seriously needs to be called out.

Father Anthony reflected correctly that if this were any other minority there would be a public inquiry, but not for Catholics.

Imagine this happened to a Jew or Muslim?

It would be front page of the paper, that people think that it is ok to attack Catholics as if it were a sport is disgusting.

That it happened by “other schoolboys” is far more problematic, no one is born hating another community, these values are taught and ingrained into youths by parents who are bigots.

They are the ones who seriously need to be blamed for such atrocious behaviour.

I might add, taking a beating off 5 people paints those 5 as cowards, if they are so big and tough, form a queue.

Father Anthony often shares his love of Celtic online, give him a follow, and add your message of support on this thread, please retweet it as well, @scotgov have been tagged, let us see if there is any movement there.

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