The Sun’s Davis article is a bare faced lie as Celts call out the continuity myth.

The rewrite of history of the events of 2012 never ceases to amaze me, that sports desks across the country blatantly lie time and again so they will get more paper sales or website clicks from a certain demographic is testament to the lack of character of its journalists.

The Sun of course is point in fact of a publication that long ago sold its soul.

The article about Steven Davis signing a one year extension talks about how he left when they were relegated, more like he became a free agent when the Oldco died and moved to Southampton.

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Here is the exert that has Celts talking.

In that time he won three league titles, three League Cups and two Scottish Cups as well as being a key player in Gers’ run to the UEFA Cup final in 2008.

He left in 2012 when Rangers were relegated to the fourth tier of Scottish football and signed for Premier League side Southampton.

He played 193 league games for Saints before returning to Ibrox in 2019, again on loan.

Celts were on hand to point out this was incorrect.

Clubs are not relegated 4 divisions down, Rangers applied to enter the old Division 3 after being rejected by the then SPL and the then Division one.

To save themselves the embarrassment of being rejected by the old Division two they held a vote to “start their journey in Division 3” in truth they should have been booted down further than that to the lowland league.

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