There is always a tweet! English site slammed by Celts after 3 lions lose

Whilst Scotland’s defeat at the hands of Ukraine was a hard pill to swallow, watching England getting beat in Hungary is always a great elixir for the soul, having seen one particular betting agent have a go at Scotland it became all the sweeter.

Celtic fans have become more and more supportive of the national team over the last decade, not that the SFA deserve any real recognition but merely as our players keep representing the country.

This has of course happened at a time when the Newco replaced a team that used to get its players in the national team easier than a fluff piece in the DR.

So succulent that times have changed.

Now we have Celts happy to go to war for the national team.

Long may it continue.

Scotland may not be going to the World Cup, but it isn’t like England will be winning it anyway.

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