Joe Black’s attack on Walfrid: “Fed nothing and nobody. The diseased fleeing Ireland were fed by the Scots”

Seriously you have to wonder how twisted some people have become, I like many after a few jars can get cranky enough if provoked, a rebel song or 2 and I can go full rebel on anyone, but I don’t wake looking for it, even craving it like wee Angus.

The loss of both the Premiership title and the Europa League has proven very tough for some, there are a group of idiots online who spout their usual delusion but most of them are relatively harmless creatures more seeking attention than anything.

Joe on the other hand likes to attack people on a socio cultural level, to use history and politics as his hammer and anvil.

For weeks he has been nagging Everything Celtic over the loan deals for CCV and Jota, they have begged him to shut up, that the people haven’t jumped into this campaign with most tweets lucky to get a nibble he has turned up the heat,

This message has come without any form of provocation.

Father Antony is a Celtic fan and a popular man on Twitter among Tims, I am not particularly religious but enjoy both his football and religious tweets, he has a real empathy for our club and fans.

To attack Mary’s meals who as Father Antony states have been helping feed the poor like brother Walfrid himself is itself an act of sickness in a time whereby foodbanks are popping up like weeds in spring to try and feed the working class.

The replies to this thread are point scoring of the most depraved kind.

Jump on this thread and get the deluded told.

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