Cheerleader plays to the crowd as Newco caught out gouging its own

The Scottish Express is an absolute comic and one of its main writers Dan McCroskrie is nothing short of a cheerleader, his bio and cover photo on Twitter speak volumes of his impartiality.

With Celtic in court for the Boys club case, a scandal popped up on Sevco’s door where they have been found to be a cartel pumping their own fans with expensive and contrived prices.

We all heard that MASH had settled with the Newco but it appears that there will be more pain on that front.

In order to deflect from this, of course scream deflection.

Of course STV got the report from Reuters.

This didn’t sit well with someone who describes them self as such.

Funnily enough his own comic rag even had an article about this, guess they were deflecting.

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