Newco fans rinsed: “You didn’t last time, pay the face painter, sold for £1, dying coming back as a parody”

Tom English has taken to Twitter to complain about the SPFL wanting its members clubs to abide by sponsorships which are good for the overwhelming majority of the pyramid.

Of course it was the brat of the pack, the 150 year old 10 year old 55 time champions Covid champs who nearly surpassed the Lisbon Lions as the team with the finest achievement in the history of Scottish sport but instead drank from the toilets and lost meekly.

The Rangers fans took to the post and one decided to play with fire using the term Survive one which is not usually put in a lexicon with all things Ibrox.

The entire saga is so emblematic of Scottish Football, one rule for one, and another rule for the rest, this is a disgrace, show me one league on earth where the tail wags the dog?

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