Martin Compston fires back over IRA video as Sevco blogger joins the rage

Martin Compston singing Beautiful Sunday hasn’t gone down with the people, he took to Twitter to clear things up but the allegations he was singing about the Provos won’t go away.

This hasn’t been accepted by the people who are continuing to rage that someone could possibly enjoy a sing sing.

If Compston was singing about the RA or he was singing Beautiful Sunday is meaningless, there is nothing wrong with singing about freedom.

Surely it is something that should be encouraged, far more so than Rule Britannia or the anthem which has a verse about trouncing Scotland.

Apparently he was making a wee gun…

Pay to read blogger Derek Clark popped up to try and turn the conversation about Ryan Jack on its head.

There are others raging on Twitter too.

Don’t forget this though…

Hypocrites raging about people singing songs, you couldn’t make it up.

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