Bear on Bear: Joe Black slams Allan McGregor and Ra Peepa as Celts laugh it up

The Skintco continue to buy their own failures as they seem incapable of replenishing a squad that desperately needs new talent.

I will give you that they miraculously made a Europa League Final and even managed to go within a penalty of winning it.

Luckily Ramsey missed and the Lisbon Lions achievement was safe guarded by he 11th best team in Germany.

After 37 year old Davis signed up for another season of omelettes and red bull, We have seen Goldson and now McGregor sign on with no real attention from anywhere else, I think Arfield is on board as well, not that anyone cares.

But serial idiot Joseph Black has taken to one of his many accounts to complain about the signing, something which is unusual for someone so staunch.

He even brought up Shagger’s sins.

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Ramsey’s penalty miss was quoted at over £50 million, a price we are seeing is starting to bite into Ross Wilson’s wish list.

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