FF Meltdown incoming as Bears find out about new Ashley and Castore partnership

A thread has just started on Follow Follow complaining about Castore’s new links with Mike Ashley.

Ashley of course has his fingers in many pies, one of them is Flannels and Castore are now opening a shop with them in Liverpool where Castore is based.

Of course Sevco nearly went broke and spent 2 seasons in the Championship due to the boycotting and protest which revolved around the Newco not getting as much money as they thought they deserved.

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Now over 5 years later they are still counting the cost with the last dose of undisclosed payments rumoured in the region of £10 million due to Dave King’s failure to follow follow the law.

Expect this one to go down like a spanner in a swimming pool with the people, their little teddy bear revolution is the stuff of legend.

It is up there with the time they saved their club in 2012.

For the avoidance of doubt, Celtic retailed nearly 4 times as much as Sevco last financial year.

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