Celts react to Joe Black’s transfer delusion: “Do you get a trophy for that, Highest undisclosed fee of all time, 6th star on shirt coming”

Broseph is tweeting again with one eye on the Tierney fee, it seems the need to finally pull in some of those long awaited Dembele dollars has him and many from the blue sea in a frenzy.

Social media is littered with reports of Ajax and Brighton among Serie A and Bundesliga teams clamouring to sign Calvin Ramsey.

On the back of the Aribo transfer it seems a special Sevco calculator has been developed to help them beat Celtic’s bragging rights.

Who sings it better, Celtic vs Live...
Who sings it better, Celtic vs Liverpool YNWA gets nasty on Twitter

So the trading year cup is incoming, funny thing is that Celtic pulled in more than 26 million just last season, spent a good part of it and still turned a profit and won the Premiership and League Cup double.

Never change Angus, never change.

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