Sevco horror tattoo: ” 6 fingers, Freddy Mercury bollock naked, Dracula, What trophy is that, This is a wind up, They never disappoint, Can’t unsee it now.”

This thread is an absolute belter, for the life of me I cannot understand why The Rangers fans get custom tattoos, the so called artists the Old Firm fans frequent are seriously unable to draw a seagull.

I find the below tattoo surprising as there is so much green in it.

That the player has 6 fingers on their right hand and 5 on the left is more than likely accurate.

Who sings it better, Celtic vs Live...
Who sings it better, Celtic vs Liverpool YNWA gets nasty on Twitter

We do not know which player it is yet but there is a raffle going on where you can buy a ticket to see who it actually is, my money is on the mask from Scream.

Regardless, there is simply so much wrong with this, by all means jump on the thread and add your own reply, there are far more likes and comments on the Celtic comments than on the original post.

Oh and check the quote retweets.

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