Celts love Hamburg Vlogger breaking ranks praising the Lisbon Lions

German Vlogger Fiago has waded into uncharted waters for a HSV fan, he has given a brilliant and accurate account of the Lisbon lions triumph in 1967 and along the way also brought up our statistics.

All know we wont 5 trophies that year but that he also knew we scored a world record 196 goals is a stat not repeated enough.

Expect Newco fans with their wee ditty cup analogies.

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Also as he correctly states, Inter was the best team on earth at the time with 2 of the last 3 European Cups, not only this but they took the lead only to be run down by pure and inventive football.

He has a hard time pronouncing Stein but it is also said in his native Germany so we will let him off!

You can go and follow Fiago on Twitter by clicking through here.

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