Celts react to Craig Whyte’s return to court for £10 million

Craig Whyte has been biding his time after successfully being acquitted of charges relating to his takeover of Rangers FC which is in liquidation.

The Oldco story refuses to go away and the people are far from happy, for starters the survival lie is back in fashion with terms like the company that ran Rangers being used to again dodge the inevitable conclusion that Rangers died in 2012.

After Charles Green banked over £6 million for his charges and Duff and Phelps banked a combine £24 million, Whyte’s claim for £10 million for wrongful arrest seems modest and one which he will likely get without too much trouble.

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It is still perplexing that after all the damage that was done by Sir David Murray that not a single charge has been filed against the man who caused all the problems.

Must shake the right hands the right way.

Celts were all over this post, below is a selection, jump on and add your own.

Of course Ra Peepa were on hand to talk about CA.

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