There is always a tweet! Broseph turns 180 degrees on Souttar

Sevco it seems have signed their own version of Shane Duffy in John Souttar, he was a shambles yesterday and was lucky to remain on the pitch after being yellow carded.

He could have seen a few more if not for the lenient nature of Don Robertson.

When teams that do not surrender 80% of possession to the Newco come knocking Souttar will have a very big problem, this will begin very soon vs Union of Belgium, they surely watched yesterday’s match and would have noticed that Goldson and Barasic were also posted missing on occasions.

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With Barasic, he still looks desperate to get his move.

During the offseason whereby Sevco always pick up the offseason cup, serial idiot Joseph Black or Angus or whatever he is actually called was gushing about Souttar proclaiming him the best in Scotland.

Shortly after half time he was calling for him to get the hook.

The next month is going to be an interesting one, should Old Firm FC fail to qualify for the Champions League the money shortage will continue.

This will likely mean that players like Barasic will be sold for whatever offers come in and they will be replaced by even worse defenders than they have.

Of their new players, Lawrence looks average, Tillman missed an open goal and Souttar looks a donkey.

Celtic play Aberdeen this afternoon needing 2 clear goals to skip the Ibrox team.

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