Video: Amazing footage of Grace sung by 60,000 at Paradise

Yesterday showed again truly how far ahead we are of the opposition in every way shape and form as a football club.

Our tifo was incredible with ribbons overlapping the stands and it was executed perfectly alongside fire displays by the club on the pitch, it was truly breathtaking.

The rendition of You’ll Never Walk Alone was incredible but also Grace was belted out before the flag was raised.

Who sings it better, Celtic vs Live...
Who sings it better, Celtic vs Liverpool YNWA gets nasty on Twitter

The ground kept itself amused by singing a truly beautiful song of love and sacrifice, no wading through blood or bouncing around like an idiot.

Later in the day another tifo popped up supporting the RMT.

It has since gone viral, it will be interesting to see if English football clubs follow suit and offer solidarity with the RMT.

These are changing times.

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