Sutton trolls Sevco as Ra Peepa are in VAR meltdown

Chris Sutton had a cheeky dig at the club that cannot guarantee his safety when he is on commentary duty in the Europa League, something that is 90 minutes away from continuing.

The people were less than happy about Goldson having his hand in an unnatural position and are doing everything they can to have the rules reinterpreted the way they want them.

The facts are that we are going to have incompetent officials manning VAR when it comes about, Don Robertson should have allowed a Livi goal vs the Newco on the weekend.

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Had he been in the box there is little doubt he would have taken no action.

We may as well have Martindale in there.

Tonight the Newco were not so fortunate.

This thread has turned sour all of a sudden with Tims all over it, jump on and enjoy the fun.

Football on Tuesdays isn’t for everyone after all.

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