Video: Kris Boyd “He’s gonny start crying, pain and hurt, absolute fud, this is absolutely joyous”

Kris Boyd was interviewed on Sky Sports News after the Newco were skelped in Belgium, when asked what went wrong he replied “Everything.”

The Ibrox team made a good fist of it in the opening stages but as the game went on they fell away badly losing their shape and ultimately the lead in the tie.

New goalkeeper McLaughlin gifted the Belgians the first goal letting the ball slip by him when he had the ball covered.

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He later made amends with a good one on one save but will be looking over his shoulder to see if McGregor has his place on the weekend.

This video had Celts in stitches, seeing big Kris Boyd upset is a favourite for Celtic fans after all the noise we have had to put up with from him over the years.

Celts were on hand to have a good laugh.

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