“Rangers CL semi final bigger than winning the old European Cup” Peak delusion as Sevco claim to be 1st major club to reach 150 years

Sevco’s claim as the “1st major European club to reach their 150th anniversary” is absolutely laughable, for starters they are not even 10 years old, second they are far from a major European club and have won little even in the Oldco era mustering just a third tier cup with the help of a pitch invasion in 1972.

This despite chasing the shadow of the Lions with illegal tax schemes designed to help them dope the playing field.

If they were Italians, they would be playing in Serie Z.

Also there is the small matter of Nottingham Forrest having 2 European Cups and 156 years of history, but I am sure the Sevco admin didn’t know that before.

Btw Rangers didn’t make the semi finals, the format was completely different, they missed out by a goal and won nothing.

The more times you tell a lie the closer it becomes to being the truth, the media narrative that a club they reported dead is the same as before shows their shallow hypocrisy.

That we are expected to believe this garbage is a joke, we all watched them die, 150 years, 55 titles… not how I remember the last decade.

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