Morelos transfer bingo is back as 3 clubs trip over each other to spend £20 million

The Sun is back at it trying to sell Alfredo Morelos for Dembele dollars, 3 days into the window is usually a long time before Alf is linked away but after Patterson’s move to Everton this old chestnut is again going to fill column inches the length and breadth of the window.

The article lists Newcastle, Everton and Leicester as suiters but has not one single quote save a lengthy bit of drivel from renown diver and former Oldco runaway Kyle Lafferty.

Meanwhile, former Rangers star Kyle Lafferty reckons Morelos’ transformation at Ibrox has been extraordinary.

He said: “When Alfredo came to Rangers he was young and raw. He still is young.

“Watching games at first I would be pulling my hair out! He just always wanted to shoot.

“He had that instinct that he just wanted to shoot whenever he got the ball and no matter where he was in relation to the goal.

“But going in a year later as a team mate he was in transition and in recent years the transformation in his game has been extraordinary.

“He has come from a player who just wants to score goals to becoming basically the complete player.

“He has added assists to his game, he had the hold-up aspect to his game already and he’s like a wee bull, nobody can get near him.”

Get ready for lots more quotes like this with nothing to do with anything.

Oh yes and the price being mooted.

The Rangers star is at the heart of transfer talk once again as he has been linked with a £20million move away from the Premiership champions.

Funny that no actual bids have ever been tabled, save the mystery club in China.

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  1. Surely Newcastle are aiming higher than the big butted, sour faced red card specialist who can’t even chop his own wig..!??

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