SAL back at it over Jota and CCV as he calls out Celtic sponsor for odds!

Hair isn’t for everyone, nor common sense or even one idea that has ever been called a fact, the man who saw a European Commision into state aid will be happy that his own club have sold their best prospect and will hopefully be able to pay back their double helping of SNP state aid.

Anthony Joseph is a well respected journalist working for a national publication, he is seldom far from the centre of the story.

With Celtic actually doing business before the window itself opened, chasing Kenny in Ireland and now looking to secure full contracts instead of waiting till the summer for our loan stars, we are seeing a manager who is bossing the board about.

It seems too much for some people who need to have Brad Pitt when he was 23 as their profile pic among claims of being royal, having a MBE, not to say in the know on the finances of every club in Scotland bar the once famous….

Have a look at these tweets and by all means go and add your own message.

I wonder what he is trying to say here?

Even the thickets of our breed can’t say they cost an investigation which pulled in the media, Assembly, the lot of them and even a European audit of our finances before finding out thery had all been fooled.

Joe Black is one for the watching, for a good laugh as much as anything.

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