Sick Rangers fans flood Ange’s comments in typical fashion

Point scoring has always been a big part of the Glasgow divide, lets be honest we are happy to have a go at Sevco for its lack of history and deluded attitude towards fact.

Of course there have been historical sex abuse cases throughout Scotland at both Celtic and Oldco Rangers, I use the term Oldco Rangers as the Newco haven’t had any cases as yet and when asked for an apology sent a victim to the liquidators.

They are somewhat hard of thinking with relation to the historical sex abuse cases, they happened at both clubs but only one should be punished, both carry the smear but only one is smeared.

Legally of course the abuse took place at the now defunct Celtic Boys Club which was a separate entity to Celtic FC, whilst the club has a moral responsibility for the actions it doesn’t have a legal one.

Sevco fans have been bleating on about multimillion pound settlements in line with the American justice system where as is the case with prince Andrew at the moment, a claimant can sue the offender.

This is not the case in the UK, the aristocracy, Lords and ruling classes will never allow it such would be their exposure.

Here Ange is speaking about both the game ad the fans being one and the same, as if to continue Jock Stein’s famous quote that Football without the fans is nothing.

Sevco fans of course took the separate entity line and ran with it as is their penchant, Celtic fans were on hand to remind them of the Oldco’s history and the sins within it that they deny.

There are many more that are marked as sensitive and I am unable to share here, go to thread and see for yourself.

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