Orlowitz talks up Celtic’s Japanese Bhoys with surprising statistics in their favour over Scots

The J League is a relatively young competition, it was created soon after the MLS came into play due to the exposure the game got in the 1994 world cup, later in 2002 FIFA used the World Cup in Japan and Korea to kick off to professional leagues and they have gone from strength to strength since.

There has been some conjecture over our new signings and if they will cope in Scottish conditions, the facts are that whilst Scotland has two clubs which are head and shoulders above the J league teams in The Rangers and Celtic, the next 4 in a joint comparison are Japanese.

Somehow Hearts then pops up then Urawa, Hibs, Nagoya then Aberdeen and Motherwell, if this were a 12 team league the 2 in the relegation spots would be Scottish, 4 of the top 6 would be Japanese.

All in all it would be 6 and 6 and whilst the top 2 would be Scottish, the gap between Kawasaki and The Rangers is 19 points, tellingly the gap between The Rangers and the next Scottish team other than Celtic is 217 points.

All in all the J League doesn’t get nearly as much respect as it should, most of its players are from Japan, it is well sponsored, plays in first class stadiums, is well officiated and attended and clubs operate stringently within the realms of FFP.

There will be a lot of excitement in Japan over how they perform at Celtic, if they are successful then other clubs will take notice and these signings could pave the way for an exodus of players keen to test themselves in Europe.

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