“£30 million for Borna, there was interest, not going into details” Barasic interview is peak banter years

Borna Barasic also known as Borna Bear by the People was recently the subject of a £2 million bid by Watford, Borna was then asked if he would be a Rangers player on February first to which he wriggled around not directly answering the question.

He then said if a £30 million bid comes in then he is away!

He was asked if there was any actual (mystery Chinese clubs aside) interest in him he said yes but wouldn’t go into details.

When pressed he reiterated he will see what happens in February and won’t say anything about the earlier interest.

He did however state his age and experience, the man is in the shop front window, don’t let anyone fool you.

This is despite Sevco saying they will accept £5 million as stated in MSN.

Read the article by clicking here.

Can’t blame him for trying, expect a £3 million bid with add ons dressed up as a mega fee and registered as undisclosed come supper time on the 31st of January.

£30 million, you could buy their club for less.

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