Scotsman calls out “ridiculous” BBC pundit over Guchi tackle

Yesterday we lost 3 players to injury with Don Robertson losing control of the match and failing to sanction a ridiculous tackle on Guchi with a red card.

Celtic are waiting on the prognosis of the 3 with fears of long term layoffs for Calmac, Guchi and Abada.

The Scotsman which often has contrived points of view actually had a really good article out today, the write up by Andrew Smith is well balanced and researched, I encourage you to read through it by clicking here.

Straight red all day.

In the article he highlights BBC Sportscenes Richard Fosters foolish words.

Robertson did not do this and failed in his responsibilities when Mouhamed Niang studded the ankle of Ideguchi on flying into a challenge that resulted in the Japanese debutant limping off. Ridiculously, on Sportscene Richard Foster claimed Ideguchi was hurt because he sought to pull out of a 50-50 rather than go in full pelt. The more thoughtful Grant rightly called the tackle as a straight red card in the third decade of the 21st century. And it clearly breached the threshold for such an offence – the Senegalese crashing on through after slamming in for the ball in a manner that left him both out of control and endangering his opponent.

That there is even a conversation surrounding going in harder to tackles whereby one player is out of control is as Smith states, ridiculous.

Daisy cutter of a tackle on Guchi.

Further to his point that this is 2022, not 1982, blood and guts cup ties are as much a thing of the past as drinking a few cans at full time in the dressing sheds to cool off.

We are in an era of fixture overload, of multimillion pound salaries, world wide TV coverage and physio, doctors and dietitians at clubs, the days Foster speaks of are long since concluded.

That it is heard on the national broadcaster is just another reason not to pay the license fee and another to hope that the BBC is truly on its last legs.

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