Follow Follow Meltdown: “A season too far, should have retired, strengths no longer make up for his weaknesses, decline is frightening”

Follow Follow has turned on McGregor after 2 mistakes against Ross County cost Sevco dearly, not only with the momentum going into the Glasgow Derby but also gifting Celtic the opportunity to go clear at the top for the first time this season if we can take all 3 points against Them

Some of the reaction is a joy to read, the current thread is an hour old at the time of posting.

This is just the first page of their howling, you can go check the rest of the thread Honest thoughts on McGregor by clicking the link.

Also, this isn’t the first time they have had this conversation, it has been brewing all season, now we will have to see if GVB will risk McGregor vs Celtic, if we give them a beating on Wednesday his career is finished.

The next time this is posted it will be to talk of his epitaph at 2 clubs calling themselves “Rangers”, one he ran away from squealing and the other whose fans want shot of him.

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