“That’s great patter” Celts McCarthy and Ramsey post goes viral

There have been many people not happy with the output we are getting from James McCarthy, he has been injured frequently, missed many games and when he has played has looked a little slower than most on field, especially seeing Ange’s high tempo plan.

However there was a wee bit of room for a giggle on Twitter.

Ramsey is set to sign for Sevco himself tonight, the man has played all of 49 matches since 2019 with a whopping 5 goals to his name for his mere £400,000 a week pay packet that Juve will mop up the majority of so desperate are they to get rid of him.

It will be interesting to see how many games they get out of him and how Scottish defenders choose to treat him, if it is anything like our treatment he may play his last game ever in a Rangers tap.

All jokes aside, God Bless the NHS and all their fantastic staff.

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