Video: “Biggest since Gascoigne, be a king in and around Glasgow and around Ibrox” Anton Ferdinand goes full Sevco over Ramsey

Well seriously I do not know where to begin with this, the facts are that he is comparing Ally McCoist’s ideas which is a bad place to start, the man who spoke about “The death of a football club” when he was its manager has now conflated a wife beater from the Oldco era with new Ibrox signing Aaron Ramsey.

The People are known for their love of hyperbole but this is full Sevco, this is beyond banter.

The would be king of Glasgow will be on display in a matter of 48 hours, we will see how good he is at Paradise.

If he has the legs to last the match and how he deals with the press that Ange demands that we play.

There are 4 hours left in the window at time of publishing, those hours and the next 2 days till kick off are set to drag, but fascinate us all the same.

King of Glasgow, yeah right pal, stay of the glue sure.

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