Mouth watering Hatate and O’Riley comparison to Ramsey loan is peak banter years

The term panic buy isn’t foreign to us who have been watching the episodes of the Sevco sitcom, Barton, Alaves, Senderos and Kranjcar were lauded as superstars as were the Oldco’s De Boer brothers and Emerson among others.

But the sheer stupidity at paying a loan fee whilst operating without enough money to see out the season in the hope that you will win the League is starting to dawn.

Celtic did the majority of our business in December, the medicals were in order the agreements at the handshake stage and as is renown with the Japanese, they do not renege on a deal, that brings shame to a people renown for their personal sense of honour.

We snapped up 3 fantastic players, then added to it with one of the most sought after talents in the EFL, we did it all for a song.

The Newco are at the moment enjoying the 48 hours where they won the transfer window trophy, and now find themselves well and truly at a loss as to their current predicament.

The dressing room looks lost, the fans are raging, the gaffer hasn’t been backed, the mega money they allegedly brought in for Patterson has already gone to one of many debts.

The run in is ours to dominate, we have the personal to destroy the opposition, we are only going to get stronger and will remain so for many years to come.

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