Boyd ban poll: vote and comment. Is just an apology enough?

Kris Boyd is under severe pressure from outraged Celts calling for his head, his comments were uncalled for and moreover his clarification yesterday showed no contrition or remorse.

Below there is a poll from Hail Hail Media, it closes in 2 hours with over 900 votes, vote below and get the sample over 1000.

If you read through the comments almost all of them are saying no to a ban, most are calling for an apology.

We have seen the childish antics of the Newco not letting Lennon and Sutton to do their jobs at Ibrox and also incredibly do their best to destroy the Glasgow Derby as a spectacle between fans cutting our allocation from the Broomloan to the corner to nothing.

I for one find Boyd an irritation and a clown who seems to revel in any form of attention be it good or bad, I believe he should offer a sincere apology to the player and the club and maybe donate a few quid to any charity save anything to do with the Newco.

Should he reoffend he shouldn’t be banned, Sky should be asked to move against their employee and show reason why not only should we suffer his presence in our stadium but in our lounge rooms when we watch the Fitba.

Sky charge far too much for far too little, how many games we miss out on is a scandal, next time the rights are up Celtic should look at purchasing the domestic and international rights of all Celtic games and sell them through Celtic TV to fans and supporters in Scotland, England Ireland and Wales.

The geo block on Celtic TV is only there due to their appaling coverage as it is, don’t worry about banning Boyd, time we got shot of Sky, BT was a thousand times better.

9 thoughts on “Boyd ban poll: vote and comment. Is just an apology enough?

  1. Boyd should be banned from Celtic park and sacked by sky, his remarks and ongoing remarks about Calum unacceptable to Celtic supporters. He just can’t give an unbiased view at all.

  2. Your article is misleading or it’s a misprint, MOST ARE CALLING FOR A BAN….
    NOT an apology, it happens way too often and he needs BANNED

    And do you not allow comments that you do not agree with?
    We’ll find out soon this is my second comment today.
    The very fact you got that basic fact SO WRONG HAS ME WARY OF THIS SITE…👁👁
    I’ll be back later to check it…

  3. I think that kris Boyd should be banned from Celtic park because he didn’t apologise for his vile comments about the captain’s face mask. What a vile individual he is. He should be sacked from sky sports

  4. He is always making snidey comments about Celtic, he overstepped the mark with his comments on Calmac not being ‘ tested’ by Rangers he is biased and a bigot

  5. No and a apology wouldn’t mean a jot to him the man is a very bias individual, his comments about Callum mcGregor was deplorable having said that he hasn’t got a good word about Celtic.i personally would ban him from Celtic park forever he’s just vile .

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