Peak Deflection: “Hanging effigies a week after Boyd opened up about his brothers suicide”

For starters suicide is a tragic consequence of a persons inner demons, as we saw the other week with Devin Gordon’s tragic suicide at just 13 years of age, Celtic fans unanimously applauded on the 13th minute in solidarity with Hearts fans.

To suggest that Celtic fans would mock someone who is grieving the loss of a friend or relative to suicide is frankly ridiculous.

John McIntosh has come out with deflection unknown by defending Boyd using the hanging effigies at Celtic Park themselves used to show that their club killed itself, it was in no way an attack on the Boyd family.

Celts were frankly astonished on twitter at the allegation which has 1500 likes at the time of publishing meaning this is a mainstream opinion across the city.

This after just yesterday that the North Curve displayed this:

Speaking just the other week after the tribute to Devin, these were the words of Celtic manager Ange Postecoglou.

“The loss of Devin at such a young age in these circumstances is an absolute tragedy and the sincere thoughts and prayers of everyone at the club are with Devin’s mum Jen and the wider family. “Too often we are seeing people of all ages lost to suicide and while we understand that we all face very different moments and challenges in our lives we just want to encourage all people to think about having that conversation and using that support which can make such a difference.”

If you or someone you know is feeling at the end of your tether, here are contact details to seek help.

It is Ok to not be Ok.

Samaritans – for everyone
Call 116 123

One thought on “Peak Deflection: “Hanging effigies a week after Boyd opened up about his brothers suicide”

  1. Trying to defend the in indefensible! Boyd himself had a go at Leigh Griffiths if I’m correct that at the time showed what he thought of mental health. Now his attack on Mcgregor needs to see him discharged from sky as soon as possible. Cretinous man.

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